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Restorative Dentistry

Our primary objective is to help you keep your natural teeth healthy and functional for a lifetime.  Unfortunately, there are many causes things that prevent this from happening.  In these situations, restorative dentistry takes the stage.  We have many options available to help restore the natural esthetics and function of your original teeth.  Take a few minutes to learn about these options, and we can help identify the best opportunities for you through an initial consultation.

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Dental Crowns

If you're self-conscious about cracked, broken, decayed, or worn teeth, we can bring back your healthy, natural-looking smile with dental crowns, also called caps. A crown can return structure, strength, and function to a tooth with extensive decay or damage. Designed to fit snugly and function as a healthy tooth, a crown will protect your tooth from further damage and preserve the jaw's correct natural alignment.

We use porcelain-fused-to-metal, or all-porcelain crowns. To maintain a fully white smile, we recommend all-ceramic crowns. Our precise color-matching system allows us to find the right shade of porcelain to blend with your natural tooth color. Porcelain crowns are also extremely durable and long lasting, and these benefits make them popular with dentists as well as patients.

Typically, we can design, fit, and place your crowns in just a couple of appointments. Once a crown is placed, you care for it as you do your natural teeth. Conscientious brushing twice a day and daily flossing will protect the base of your crown from bacterial growth. Be sure to see us at least two times each year for professional cleanings and a preventive exam, too.

Fixed Bridgework

A porcelain fixed bridge replaces missing teeth by using the surrounding teeth as a foundation. This creates a literal “bridge” between the remaining teeth and the missing teeth. A porcelain fixed bridge is very useful when replacing a tooth or a couple of teeth that are no longer viable. The porcelain can be sculpted to replicate the look of natural tooth enamel and using this durable material gives your bridge a strong base to rely upon.

Dental porcelain can be shaped to replicate original teeth and fit comfortably within the established bite pattern. Porcelain is also very durable, will withstand most natural tooth functions, and can vividly mimic tooth enamel with its glass-like whiteness and translucence, which allows light to penetrate and scatter as it does with natural organic teeth.

Maintenance of a Porcelain Fixed Bridge
Maintaining a porcelain bridge is actually quite simple. Treat your bridge in the same manner as you would original teeth, with routine brushing with non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste and regular flossing.

A follow-up appointment will be scheduled to evaluate your bridge shortly after it’s placed, so the team at Victoria and 54th can see how your mouth is reacting to the treatment. Even if you think everything feels perfect, this appointment is vital to your future oral health.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth restorations are something that the Victoria and 54th Dental Team takes great pride in working on with their patients.  Knowing that each patient's desires, physical situation and ability to devote time and energy to creating a new smile is unique, we discuss in great detail the many options available. The process may be lengthy, requiring many visits to the office and to specialists to resolve current situations before reconstruction procedures begin, but the result is always worth your patience and effort.

Using the latest technology and current techniques, our doctors have changed the smiles (and lives) of many patients. Their skill of combining science, technology and art sets them apart, and their desire to make each patient feel their best through their work is extremely rewarding.

Here is an example of what a case may encompass. Each case and each patient is unique and therefore each approach is different. 

  1. Perform comprehensive examination and create treatment plan, consulting with specialists as needed.
  2. Treat issues requiring immediate attention, including pain, infection, broken teeth or other situations.   
  3. Fabricate diagnostic wax-up.
  4. Present case to patient.
  5. Extract hopeless teeth.
  6. Prepare teeth as treatment planned and fabricate provisionals using templates made from wax-up.
  7. Periodontal treatment or surgery as required (while the patient is in provisionals that can be removed for access).
  8. Following healing from any periodontal treatment, reassess the teeth and supporting structures and modify treatment plan if necessary.
  9. Create final preparations and impressions. Fabricate second set of provisionals or modify first set as required.
  10. Carefully evaluate provisionals for esthetics, function, comfort, and stability. Make sure joints and supporting structures are also stable and comfortable. 
  11. Send various photographs and solid model of the provisionals to the laboratory to use as a guide in fabrication of restorations.
  12. Schedule various try-in appointments depending on the specific nature of the case. Place finished case once it is approved by both patient and Dr. Fung.

Discuss your options with any member of our clinical team, and let us create a beautiful new smile for you!