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Headaches and Neuromuscular Dentistry

Many people suffer from headaches, neck pain, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Headaches are complex in their origin, and many associated branches of medicine and physiotherapy address these problems. Neuromuscular dentistry can often offer considerable long term relief without drugs or surgery, by placing the facial and chewing muscles in a relaxed, “neuromuscular” balance. If the major chewing muscles can stay relaxed, particularly at night, the chain of trigger – muscle tension- inflammation – ganglion irritation – pain signal can be interrupted, and destructive habits altered.

Initial Therapy

After examination and analysis of the pain patterns, we will usually recommend making a “neuromuscular” mouth guard, fabricated to a “relaxed muscle position bite” which is aided by a specially tuned TENS unit. A majority of headache patients experience a decrease in headache frequency and intensity within several weeks.

Long Term Pain Free Cosmetics

A neuromuscular dentist first looks at jaw and muscle management, before launching into cosmetic treatments. Clicking jaw joints, morning headaches, migraines, and sleep problems need to be addressed before launching into cosmetic makeovers. Depending on the long term results of this reversible initial therapy stage, long term treatment plans can be made for prolonged appliance wear, orthodontics, or bite reconstruction.